The Beer Boutique

The Beer Boutique is more than just a beer shop. The high level of customer service we provide is something we take to the next level when it comes to wholesale.
Whether you’re:
- a bar or restaurant needing to serve real beer that matches your food perfectly,
a private club or boutique hotel with a discerning clientele that demands the best products, or
- a catering or events business looking to give your event the touch of class that cheap lager just can’t give;
We’re here to help.
We work direct with some of the world's most prestigious brewers - from Trappist monks to London microbreweries. We provide unique and unbiased advice on food pairing, staff training, product selection and bespoke menu design. 
Our in-depth knowledge of our products is what sets us apart from the rest. But you decide what level of service you require: from
- reliably supplying you a wide range of products; 
- being your beer consultants or SommALEiers; 
- helping you organise a beer related event; to
- fully outsourcing you bar management function.

So whether it’s working with your kitchen team to provide the perfect beer and food match, helping to develop your bar staff with our tailored training sessions, going that extra mile to source unique and specific products or just getting the beer to you reliably – we’re here to spread the word that there’s more to beer than generic, lager. 
We’re fully independent and you won’t find anyone more passionate about beer than we are. Contact us here and find out what we can do for you business.

Store Hours


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Tuesday 12-7pm

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