The Beer Boutique

Alfie is our Putney store manager.  When he's not Acid Morris Dancing or gracefully carving a ham, he can be found in our store giving advice to anyone who walks in. He knows his beer. He's tried most of our stock and loves sharing his passion with customers. He can also be found loading up the next obscure vinyl record that he happens to have found, wearing army surplus hats indoors and doing the occasional boogie, depending on his mood.

Alfie drinks: Poperings Hommelbier, Brooklyn's Brooklyn Blast!, Crooked Stave's Nightmare on Brett, Boon's Mariage Parfait Kriek, Goddard's Fuggle Dee Dum

Team Photo

Dimitri (on the left) all round handyman. He transports beer, searches for new locations, and even builds the majority of our new sites. He can talk the back legs off a donkey and seems to have visited all bars within the M25. If you want advice on beer or where to go to drink beer, he's your man. He's a busy boy.

Dimitri drinks: Magic Rock, 8Ball Rye, and pretty much any beer in canned form.

Cecilia  is our Wandsworth Town Manager. She has a fondness for strong Belgian beer and seems to be able to drink a lot of them without any effect, which constantly amazes. She is charming and looks after our Wandsworth and Putney store during our busiest times without ever getting flustered. Cecilia is also the creative member of the team (perhaps the only one) and we have her to thank for our great event invitations and spectacular window displays.

Cecilia drinks: Viven's Imperial IPA, Ducato's Violent Femme, St. Bermardus Christmas, Old Parochial, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, ToOl Sur Amarillo 

Nick is our new guy, a handy guy, a generally cool guy. He oversees the training and initial opening of new stores. Nick also keeps his eyes open for new breweries yet to be discovered by TBB and generally helps where he is needed. When not at work Nick can still be found sporting a handsome beard, with beer in hand and Instagram on phone. He is also a passionate home brewer @4crossbrewing 

Nick drinks: Mixed fermentation barrel aged sours. Big hop forward IPAs. Dark and decadent Stouts. 


John is our Royal Tunbridge Wells manager and an elite marathon runner. He's the newest member of our team and fits like an old wingback.

John drinks!


And that leaves me, Jon. I'm the new owner. Trying not to ruin what Marc (the founder) started. I can sometimes be found in our stores, stacking shelves, pricing up beers and even behind the till. More often than not, though, I can be found consuming the stock whilst trying to 'help', and wandering the streets looking for new sites. I call this work, but the team disagrees.

I drink Wild Beer Summer Blend, anything by Crooked Stave, Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cake, Jester King Dichotomous, BBNo 55|01




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