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What better way to introduce a new area to the great beer and events of The Beer Boutique than offering a wide range of tastings introducing you to different styles, introducing you to different breweries and generally having a good time drinking great beer. We call this: 

The Beer Necessities. Below you will find information and links to all our upcoming events.                                                                                                     


Basement Bar Opening 

SATURDAY OCTOBER 15th, all day

After some renovations, some flooding, some more renovations and a touch of decorating Wandsworth Town finally "opens" its basement bar on October 15th. Although you can drink in anytime already we love finding reasons to host our customers and serve great beers. So join us in some celebratory fun. 

Entry is FREE and there will be several promotions throughout the day, new beers, and tasting sessions with Stone&Wood which has quickly become a best seller. So stop on by on OCTOBER 15th for some great beery fun. 
Exact time of tastings throughout the day coming soon! 


Captain Brewbeard and the Seven Sours


Explore the seven true types of sour beer with out very own sour expect and up and coming brewer, Captain Brewbeard of The Beer Boutique and Four Cross Brewing. 

Book tickets here!

Movie Nights 

Last Friday of Every Month starting NOVEMBER

We've gotten our hands on a projector and will now be screening movies paired with a beer that fits the theme on the first Friday of every month starting in November. Booking fee is £5 which becomes a drinks voucher on the night of. Come on by for a fun atmosphere of film and beer. Laughing, crying, talking, and drinking are all encouraged and of course you are never limited to only the promoted beer. 

Click here see whats next and book your spot 

Click here to see a full list of screenings to add to your calendar (coming soon)  



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