The Beer Boutique


1 sheet puff pastry 

1 hand full of baby spinach

90g Grated vegan Cheese (we suggest white cheddar Cheezly however any will do) 

1 rounded tbsp nutritional yeast 

1/2 yellow onion sauteed 

Slice onion into thin strips and place in frying pan with 50ml water, a generous drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a tbsp of sugar or syrup of choice. Leave to simmer until translucent and soft. 


- pre-heat oven to 250ºc

- Place puff pastry with the longer side towards you. 

- layer in order: cheese, nutritional yeast, spinach, and onion and top with salt and pepper to taste. Make sure to leave a 2cm space of pastry on the side furthest from you.

- Slowly begin to roll the pastry away from you making sure to gather in the ingredients tightly. Use the remaining 2cm to secure the roll by gently pushing the dough together.

- Cut 2cm slices (should yield around 14 wheels) and place them spiral side down on a baking tray with grease proof paper. Optional: brush with oil/margarine/or soya milk for extra golden color

- Bake for 15min or until golden brown. Take out of oven and cool for another 15min.

Enjoy! The longer they set the better they are so making these the night before is perfectly ok. 

Should look something like this! 

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