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This month's run of events begins with Brooklyn Brewery over the taps at the Boutique to introduce their next step in Sorachi Ace evolution: Lord Sorachi.The Sorachi Ace hop is the stuff of legend. With its powerful flavours and great depth it takes samurai like discipline to effectively use this hop. Brooklyn's Brewmaster, Garret Oliver, has done this not once, not twice, but now thrice.

Brooklyn rep Rachael Weseloh, with the aid of some edible props, will be leading us through the complexities of this little hop in its three Brooklyn incarnations: Half Ale, Sorachi Ace, and Lord Sorachi, and showing how each one exhibits almost entirely different characteristics despite all being children to Daddy Garrett and his Sorachi mistress.

So join us for an evening led by Rachael, as she takes us on an exploration of the Sorachi Ace hop's aromas, flavours, history and chemistry, and possibly answer the great question of why Garret Oliver, along with so many other brewers, continue to be obsessed with Sorachi.

WHEN: January 15th, 7:30pm

WHERE: The Beer Boutique


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