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Gravy On Tap - Burger Night w/ Dip & Flip


Gravy On Tap 2 - Round 3 of our, now bi-monthly, celebrated celebration of flipped and dipped, astronomically delicious burgers, served with fries and endless amounts of gravy. We choose a six-pack of appropriate beers (shared between 2), and as a beer-loving collective we feast.

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Check out the Dip & Flip website HERE for info on why their burgers rank with the best in London


Meet The Brewer: Frederik Kampman of Lowlander Brewery


Whilst the Beer Boutique has been overseeing the London brew scene, Putney ex-resident Frederik Kampman returned to his home nation to begin his own adventures in brewing, namely setting up Lowlander Brewery.

Lowlander's inspiration for their beers is derived from the Dutch history of exploring and expanding trade routes, bringing back with them curiosities and spices galore. Hence, the beers on offer all utilise botanicals, from a white tea and coriander IPA, to a liquorice and vanilla porter, and my personal favourite, a chamomile, elderflower and curacao witbier.

At 7pm we will be opening a few bottles and talking through the history of these beers, and savouring their uniqueness. This is a free tasting, but reserve yourself a seat so as not to miss out, as numbers will be limited.

To reserve, call us up on 02087803168, or email


Backroom Bottleshare

WED JANUARY 18th, 7pm

A chance to share you stocking fillers.

For those not wise to the concept... everyone involved brings along enough beers to feed the group (5-8 people, so two bombers should do the job), and we work our way through each offering, exchanging some beerchat along the way. There is no theme for this one, but as it's the inaugural Backroom Bottleshare, we expect everyone to bring out something special (we're talking sours, stouts, and anything rare and imperial, or just a beer that is very close to your heart).

Sign-up is limited to the first eight, let us know what beer you will be bringing as soon as you've got it figured out, and we will put together a little menu, which will be sent out a few days prior to the event. If you would prefer to buy something from our shelves on the night, then that's allowed too.

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