The Beer Boutique

Gipsy Hill Beer and Live Music

Thursday MARCH 23rd 7:30pm 

Join us for some live music and beer tasting with Gipsy Hill Brewery. Try some of their core range as well as three new releases! 

Book tickets HERE £15


Fourpure Beer Tasting

Friday APRIL 7th 7:30pm 

Fourpure Brewing Company is joining us to taste their range and teach us all about the growing trend of canning beers. You don't want to miss this.  

Book tickets HERE £15



Anspach & Hobday Tasting

Friday APRIL 21st 7:30pm 


more information coming soon! 



Past Events at The Beer Boutique

March 17th - Belgian Beer and Muddy Boots

March 3rd - Tunbridge Wells Tap Launch

March 3rd - Lowlander and Pancakes 

February 15th - Irish Beer and Cheese

February 9th - Gravy on Tap

January 18th - Bottle Share

January 25th - Burn's Night Putney

January 27th - Burn's Night Wandsworth 

December 17th - Saison D'etre

December 14th - Chocolate and Beer: Siren and William Curley

December 2nd - Putney Tap Launch

December 1st - Camden Town Beer 2016 Launch

November 25th - Chocolate and Beer Tasting

November 24th - Meet the Brewer: Lowlander

November 17th - Gravy on Tap #3 

November, Friday 4th - Captain Brewbeard and the Seven Sours

October, Saturday 15th - Wandsworth Town Basement Launch 

September, Wednesday 14th - Gluten Free Night with Hepworth Brewery

September, Thursday 8th - Introduction to Belgian Beer

August, Saturday 6th - Beatnik Poetry with Gipsy Hill

July, Friday 22nd Saturday 23rd - Petrus Sour Power Blending 

July, Saturday 9th - Alfie and Boris's Wunderbar Adventure. German lager tasting at Wandsworth Town:

June, Wednesday 29th - Homebrewers Scratch Day

June, Tuesday 7th - Hot Wings and Beer: fight fire with beer #2 And Union vs. Nandos

March, Wednesday 23rd - What's The Best Beer in the World? with author Mark Dredge

April, Saturday 16th - Record Store Day: The Search for Soul Beers with live performance by Tony Momrelle

March, Thursday 17th - Mad Hatter's Tea Party: "Tea" Party with Mad Hatter Brewery

February, Tuesday 23rd - Weird Vegans: Vegan Food Match with Weird Beard

February, Sunday 14th - The Birds and The Bees: Valentines Day Mead Tasting

February, Wednesday 10th - Beer Boutake-aways: Chinese New Year

January, Sunday 24th - BURNS NIGHT 2016 with Tempest Brewery

January, Thursday 28th - Tryanuary beer tour with Five Points Brewery

January, Friday 15th - Lord Sorachi by Brooklyn Brewery




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