The Beer Boutique

Stone&Wood Summer Session 

Thursday May 18th 6pm - 10pm

Session Beers, Food, and Tunes. Free Entry


Dark Side Of The Spoon

Friday May 26th 7:30pm 

A musically inspired meet the brewer. A night of vinyl and Weird Beard Brew Co.

Book tickets HERE £15



Past Events at The Beer Boutique

April 21st - Anspach & Hobday Blind Beer Tasting

April 15th - London Beer Factory and Burgers 

April 7th - Fourpure Tasting 

March 23rd - Gipsy Hill Beer Busk

March 17th - Belgian Beer and Muddy Boots

March 3rd - Tunbridge Wells Tap Launch

March 3rd - Lowlander and Pancakes 

February 15th - Irish Beer and Cheese

February 9th - Gravy on Tap

January 18th - Bottle Share

January 25th - Burn's Night Putney

January 27th - Burn's Night Wandsworth 

December 17th - Saison D'etre

December 14th - Chocolate and Beer: Siren and William Curley

December 2nd - Putney Tap Launch

December 1st - Camden Town Beer 2016 Launch

November 25th - Chocolate and Beer Tasting

November 24th - Meet the Brewer: Lowlander

November 17th - Gravy on Tap #3 

November, Friday 4th - Captain Brewbeard and the Seven Sours

October, Saturday 15th - Wandsworth Town Basement Launch 

September, Wednesday 14th - Gluten Free Night with Hepworth Brewery

September, Thursday 8th - Introduction to Belgian Beer

August, Saturday 6th - Beatnik Poetry with Gipsy Hill

July, Friday 22nd Saturday 23rd - Petrus Sour Power Blending 

July, Saturday 9th - Alfie and Boris's Wunderbar Adventure. German lager tasting at Wandsworth Town:

June, Wednesday 29th - Homebrewers Scratch Day

June, Tuesday 7th - Hot Wings and Beer: fight fire with beer #2 And Union vs. Nandos

March, Wednesday 23rd - What's The Best Beer in the World? with author Mark Dredge

April, Saturday 16th - Record Store Day: The Search for Soul Beers with live performance by Tony Momrelle

March, Thursday 17th - Mad Hatter's Tea Party: "Tea" Party with Mad Hatter Brewery

February, Tuesday 23rd - Weird Vegans: Vegan Food Match with Weird Beard

February, Sunday 14th - The Birds and The Bees: Valentines Day Mead Tasting

February, Wednesday 10th - Beer Boutake-aways: Chinese New Year

January, Sunday 24th - BURNS NIGHT 2016 with Tempest Brewery

January, Thursday 28th - Tryanuary beer tour with Five Points Brewery

January, Friday 15th - Lord Sorachi by Brooklyn Brewery




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