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Alright before we begin - a confession: Beer has little to do with Valentine’s day. It’s the same every year. We buy flowers for the lady (or gentleman, we are after all on the cusp of some long awaited changes in same sex legislation). We buy champagne. We have dinner. We give our annual donation to Hallmark and sail off into the night. It’s usually a ladies day in most cases. And the last thing anyone is thinking of is beer.

            But what about the man in your life? Surely this is an ideal time to get him something you know he’ll love? So without further ado here are the top five beers you’ll want to buy for him (or him) on Valentines Day. We’ll try to keep it as PC as possible too.

Malheur Dark Brut

We start with an obvious choice – one of our magnificent and lovingly made Champagne beers from Malheur. A brewery we are proud to work directly, this beer is a bit of a must have on the Valentine’s day shopping list. Why? Well isn’t it obvious? Made with the same yeast, chemistry and aging process that you get in your favourite bottle of fizz, it has all the bubbliness and playfulness of champagne with the taste and character of a proper Belgian dark beer. And yes you get that satisfying “pop* when you open it. If there is a more perfect solution to suit him and her (or him and him or her and her) on Feb 14th then we love to hear about it! Seriously answers to @thebeerboutique.

Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

True to form, this Flying Dog favourite has a name cheekier than Alvin and the Chipmunks doing a duet with the Cheeky Girls. But it also has one very important Valentines staple – Oysters! These little crustaceans are genuinely shown to increase libido and are added to this fantastic stout in much the same way traditional oyster stouts were made in England. The flavour is surprisingly clean and easy drinking and pairs well with chocolate desserts and caramel. And oysters of course!

Mort Subite Kriek

Next up we have a fruity, tart lambic beer from the Belgian brewer Mort Subite – meaning sudden death. Appropriate perhaps for the man (or woman) who forgot Valentines Day! Whole cherries are added to the brew leading to a deliciously tart cherry character that plays nicely with any dark chocolate desserts. Also we like to think its rather nice just drank on its own. Like eating cherries without the stony horrible part! The colour as well will go nicely with the roses you’ve hopefully remembered to buy! A brilliant deep red.

Blanche De Bruxelles

Hops are to be avoided on days like Valentines day. Not only have they been shown to a pretty effective libido killer, some of the strongest hoppy beers are going leave you feeling tipsy a lot quicker than you might like. Even the Catholic Church agrees – deciding to encourage the introduction of hops in beer to hopefully help cut down on all the sinning. So Blanche De Bruxelles is a good one to stop this! Made with wheat (it’s a wheat beer after all), it substitutes hoppy hard hittingness with a delicate, smooth, orangey taste that’s great with any fish dishes you might be cooking.

And finally – Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch

For the gentlemen (or lady) who forgot Valentines day and whose partner is now acting up. Loaded with hops (You won’t be getting any tonight so why not get hoppy?) and bubble gum yeast flavours, its also a 8.3% so hopefully you’ll have drowned your sorrows after two. Pairs particularly well with: Pizza, crushing loneliness and bitter disappointment. Happy Valentines day!

Written by Mark Kelly — September 30, 2013

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