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Stout was originally a term used for high-alcohol versions of all different kinds of ales around the London area in the 1700’s.

Soon after, the term ‘stout’ was more regularly used for strong dark porter – thus ‘stout porter’ meaning ‘strong porter’.

Porter also became very popular in Ireland around the late 1700’s. The first Irish Porters used 100% brown malt.

By the 1800’s, a new technique of roasting malt at intense temperatures came along – this gave rise to black malt.

This black malt gave off strong dry roasted colour, flavour and aroma and was mixed with paler malts to make the original dry Irish Stout.

One can’t mention Irish stout and not mention Guinness.

In the 1800’s Guinness was the largest brewer in the world and its feats are legendary.

In the Battle of Waterloo, wounded men shouted for it, by the early 1900’s the brewery could hold 30,000 barrels, by the 1950’s there was Guinness being brewed outside of Europe and it has sold the globe over for many years.

Thanks to Guinness, other older stout brewers such as Beamish, Williams and Murphy’s and new stouty triumphs by guys like Porterhouse, stout has become synonymous with Ireland.

We like good Irish stout here – do you have a particular Irish stout that you like?

Written by The Beer Boutique — September 30, 2013

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