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How you pour a beer will affect how much you enjoy it! Here are 6 simple tips to pour the perfect beer:

Always remember to wash glasses thoroughly; making sure grit and suds are properly rinsed off.

The rule of thumb is to pour carefully initially – controlling the level of foam by tilting upright for more foam and angled for less.

Pour from the edge of the class towards the centre. Many beers will benefit from releasing the carbonation locked up in the liquid. So towards the end of the pour, drop the glass slightly so the beer falls into the centre from greater height, creating a nice firm head.

Some beers such as the strong Belgian Pale ales like Duvel, La Chouffe as well as Tripels and Saisons, should create a giant creamy head and this is necessary to maintain in order to fully appreciate.

Other beer with lots of carbonisation like European lagers often benefit from rinsing the glass with just the excess of water shaken out. This can help the beer enter the glass with less reaction to the glass surface.

Bottle conditioned beers should be poured in one go so that the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle is disturbed as little as possible. Then leave about finger’s height of beer in the bottle, which will contain most of the yeast. This can then be added at the discretion of drinker.

Written by The Beer Boutique — September 30, 2013

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