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While ultimately a matter of personal preference, we generally all drink our beer too cold.

Try and do differently with a mass-produced lager from the supermarket and you'll know why! Cooling a beverage – or food for that matter – significantly masks the taste of it.

Luckily many beer bottles these days show a suggested serving temperature on the label.

Otherwise, follow this simple guide remembering that generally, the darker the beer the warmer you can serve it.

Here's a guide that we use:


•             Wheat beers can be chilled right down to about 4ºC.

•             Lagers only slightly more to around 5-6ºC.

•             Pale Ales should be served at around 5 to 8ºC and

•             Darker Ales in the 10 to 15ºC range.


Remember also that the beer will still warm a few degrees when in the glass. 

So if you’re storing beer in the fridge ensure to take it out an appropriate time before you intend to serve.

One interesting, if somewhat controversial, exception to the above guide are the tart Lambic and other Belgian oak-aged ales, such as Rodenbach.

These make some of the most refreshing drinks when chilled right down. To make it easy for you we list suggested serving temperatures for each of our beers.


Written by The Beer Boutique — September 30, 2013

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