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If you haven’t yet heard about Tryanuary (definitely not to be confused with Dryanuary), this January movement has just come to its close. But that doesn’t mean that its ethos can’t live on throughout the whole year. It’s all about encouraging folks to support independent businesses, explore their local venues and try something new.


We did it in style here at The Beer Boutique with our Putney pals, Dutch Courage Bar, and new Hackney friends - The Five Points Brewing Company. Until very recently, I was a Friday-night beer elf, along with the rest of the crazy gang, at The Beer Boutique. The chance to peddle tasty beer around the whole of London for an independent and awesome brewery has seen me make the move to The Five Points Brewing Company, and I couldn’t wait to bring together these two wonderful entities, with Dutch Courage thrown in for good measure.


As we welcomed the guests for our Putney Tryanuary evening, it was amazing to see so many first-time faces to the shop.


Keeping things informative yet informal, everyone was treated to interesting tidbits about the science (and magic) of beer-making and the stories behind the founding of Five Points. We also heard about the work of St Joseph’s Hospice, where £2 of each ticket sold has been donated.


Our trio of beer tastings and food pairings were:


Five Points Pale (4.4%) - crisp and quaffable: Paired with simple salt and pepper pretzels. A taste of one making you crave the other.


Hook Island Red (6%) - a red rye beer brewed with US hops: Paired with our very own ‘Meat Bullets’ of cured and spiced beef and venison. Bold and complex flavours all-round.


London Smoke (7.8%) - dark, rich and sumptuous porter: Paired with liver/mushroom pate and rye bread. An intense taste sensation with a comforting mouthfeel.


Questions answered, further delicious beers purchased, and appetites whetted, we slipped on our coats and made the short walk down the Upper Richmond Road to our pals at Dutch Courage Bar.


Welcomed by some super tasty pizza, with a glass of juicy Five Points IPA (7.1%) to accompany, the true spectacle of the evening began when we handed over to our hosts for the evening, Eric and Robert. With clear devotion, supreme expertise and bags of enthusiasm, we learned about the inspiration behind this rum-based cocktail, using the Five Points Pale to create a delicious foam on top, mirroring a frothy pint of British beer. ‘Can I Get a Flake With That?’ saw its debut and the punters were loving it.

These guys are a tour de force in cocktail-making, and throughout your entire time with them sipping their special concoctions, you feel like you’re being hosted by your best pals. Warm and fun-loving, the hours slip away in their company.

Francesca Slattery

Written by The Beer Boutique — February 03, 2016

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