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Last week The Beer Boutique hosted Brooklyn Brewery in the unveiling of Lord Sorachi – an imperial saison and a brew masters reserve – making the event itself a rare occasion and for some a once in a life time opportunity to try once of Brooklyn Brewery’s reserve beers.

The evening – run by Brooklyn representative Rachel Weseloh – was a celebration of Sorachi Ace hops. Tasting three different beers each with a unique use of the hop itself.

So what is Sorachi Ace?
Originally from the Sorachi region of Hokkaido, Japan; a Japanese brewery developed it in the 1970s as a combination of Beikei No 2. And Czech Saaz. However, the hop was not popular and did not enter the scene again until 2008 when revived by a family in Washington State, USA.
Mainly used as a bittering hop it gives an intense lemon flavor and aroma, with other notes of lemongrass, verbena, dill, and coriander.



The Beers                                                         

 The first beer on the menu was Brooklyn’s ½ Ale. An unfiltered clean saison, this beer’s, at 3.4%, intention is to refresh you on hot days, be easy to drink, and taste like a traditional farmhouse saison. It was paired with rosemary focaccia – another intense but easy flavor – and continues to be a big seller here at The Beer Boutique.


The second beer was the beer enthusiast favorite named after it’s hop, Sorachi Ace. A 7.6% farmhouse saison the creamy texture of the hop is brought to life in this beer. Both refreshing and complex this big bottle is perfect for introducing the new drinker into a world of big beer.

Paired with goat’s cheese, cured salmon, and crackers the beer can definitely hold its own next to big salty flavor. A favorite for many of the night.


Finally! The unveiling of Lord Sorachi.

“He takes this mighty form to help us through the cold days, and to raucously celebrate with us on our holidays. A “Super-Saison,” Lord Sorachi’s bitterness is swift and sure, his hoppy pungency irresistible, and his strength assuring and immovable. Now, for a short time, embrace the mysterious duality of Sorachi Ace and Lord Sorachi” (Brooklyn Brewery).

Rachel ingeniously paired this beer with turkish delight, which brought out some creamy coconut flavors within the beer.

A staff and customer favorite this beer will go down in our memories and many nights will arise where we wish we had some more Lord Sorachi.



Couldn’t make it? Not worries we have more January events. Most predominantly, this Sunday, we celebrate Burns Night in collaboration with Tempest Brewery.

A night of poetry, haggis, teacakes, and more.

Free entry or £10 VIP tickets online, over the phone, or in store.


We hope to see you all there.

Peace and Yeast,


The Beer Boutique

Written by Alfie Hall — January 22, 2016

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