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It was only two weeks ago that The Beer Boutique hosted an event that incorporated the three things that many of us hold dear in life; good beer, good people, and good gravy.

This event was different from what we've done in the past. Instead of inviting a brewer to present their beers, each staff member chose a beer as their personal recommendation for the evening's food pairing – a burger and fries from Dip ‘n’ Flip*

*Dip ‘n’ Flip is a local restaurant inspired by how gravy is used around the world, from poutine, to “French” dips they specialise in roast meat burgers, and French fries; all to be dipped in exceptional gravy. On top of all that, they stock beer from your very own local beer shop . . . The Beer Boutique.


The Beers

Six beers from six employees sat at each table for our guests to open and try as they desired.


Beavertown Smog Rocket: 5.4% - Smoked Porter

Chosen because "I wanted a stout to be represented and I like Beavertown" - Dimitri  


London Beer Lab Wheat Beer: 5.5% - Wheat Beer

Chosen for the brewery’s “open source” concept and balanced American/Bavarian taste - Nick


Urthel Hop-It: 9.5% - Belgian IPA

The perfect go between of our two most popular shelves, IPA & Belgian - Cecilia


Orkney Red MacGregor: 4.0% - Ruby Ale

Chewy red English ale, made by the auld enemy. The only good thing to ever come out of Scotland? - Jonathan


Flying Dog K-9 Winter Cruiser: 7.4% Winter Warmer

Dance the dark morris and warm those chestnuts! This vinous, velvety beast behaves like a fine red then lays out a hearty Englishy ale finish. - Alfie


Jopen Northsea IPA: 6.5% - Dutch IPA

A punchy burst of tropical goodness, which nicely draws out the chargrilled, smoky character of the burgers. In Dutch its name is in fact 'Mooie Nel', so it
really has to go with great beef - Francesca 


Of course everyone had his or her own favorite and opinion but overall, Urthel Hop-It “won” the night.


We'll remember the event not for the beer, but for the atmosphere. Giving our guests the opportunity to try the beer at their free will and on their own timing caused more people to truly talk about what they saw, smelled, and tasted; something we always want our customers to be more vocal about. 


If you're still not convinced, then join our next two events at The Beer Boutique:

Thursday 17th Drunken Cheese

December 31st Rogue New Years Charity Take Over

And with that...

Peace and Yeast from all of us at The Beer Boutique


The Beers mentioned are available on our online store:

For more information on Dip 'n' Flip visit their website


Written by Alfie Hall — December 17, 2015

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