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Every December a huge majority of us buy mass produced advent calendars only to enjoy a tiny square of ok chocolate once a day. And, let’s admit that somewhere in the house is a tub or two of Quality Street, Celebrations, Roses what have you that is definitely more satisfying.

The Beer Boutique suggests ending this chocolate nonsense and celebrating December like mature adults . . . with BEER advent calendars.

  • 24 individually wrapped beers for 24 days
  • Beer Mats, Sweets, and other goodies
  • Trappist Monastery Crate
  • All for £75


So why not enjoy unwrapping a present every day of December, and save money on the alcohol you are going to buy anyway.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the beers that may or may not pop up during the 24 days.

  1. Anchor Christmas Ale: 5.5% of dark fruit, liquorice, malty spiced heaven.
  2. Mikkeller Santa’s Little Helper: A Belgian style winter warmer from the brewery that lives up to their reputation.
  3. Flying Dog K9: An exceptional spiced and toasted winter ale that’s not too heavy.
  4. And 21 further surprises.

Make the responsible choice this Christmas and enjoy 24 days of great beer.

Peace and Yeast,

The Beer Boutique


Written by The Beer Boutique — November 21, 2015

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