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On Thursday the 29th The Beer Boutique hosted an event in collaboration with Kew Brewery and The Charcuterie Board presenting a tasting match up of beer and cured meats. Like all of our events the success comes from the participation of our attendees and the knowledge and contribution of our collaborators.

The Brew

Kew Brewery is relatively new and was Set-up by husband and wife Dave and Rachel.

“To make our small batch, hand-crafted and incredibly drinkable beers, we use only the finest ingredients: our malt and hops are all grown in England – not just because they taste (and smell) great, but also because this minimises our ‘food miles’. Our beer is unfiltered and unfined, keeping it fresh and flavoursome, with a natural haze. As we don’t use finings, most of our beers are suitable for vegans (well, perhaps not our chocolate milk stout…)” Kew Brewery

We were fortunate enough to have Dave come into The Beer Boutique to talk about his beer. You can learn more about Kew Brewery at their website, or visit them on Twitter.


The Meat

 The Charcuterie Board supplies the finest British Cured Meats to the wholesale trade. TCB offer a range of artisan fermented, air-dried, and cooked charcuterie with an emphasis on provenance, consistency, and quality before quantity.

Owen from TCB was at the event to present the meat, and offer insightful information about charcuterie to our guests since England does not have the longest history of the practice . . . yet.

You can learn more about TCB at their website, or visit them on Twitter.


The pairing: 

  1. Kew Pagoda Pale and TCB “face bacon” Guanciale and Lardo/back fat (Native Breeds).
  2. Kew Sandycombe Gold and TCB Wild Boar, Caraway & Juniper Salami (Native Breeds)
  3. Kew Richmond Rye and TCB Orange and Mustard Glazed HAM (Moon's Green)
  4. Kew Petersham Porter and TCB Ciauscolo/sausage (Native Breeds)
  5. Kew Chocolate Milk Stout and TCB Air-dried Ox Heart (Moon's Green)
  6. Kew Nightshade Chilie Porter and TCB Chilie Rolled Pork Loin (Moon's Green) and Native Nape (Native Breeds)

Testimonials: Here are some actual tasting notes taken by our customers.

"yummy" ... "Back fat isn't for me. Pig face is" ... "Light, but nice flavour" ... "Lively, if not alive" ... "7/10 flavour" ... Style, salami. Aroma, Strong! Taste, adventurous" ... "The taste and flavour combination reminded me of a better place and kinder time in the history of mankind. It gave me a sense of freedom that is rare in beer and meet."


Thank you to Kew Brewery, The Charcuterie Board and especially everyone who attended the event. 

Keep checking back to see more posts from our beery employees and don't forget to check up on our next event.

GRAVY ON TAP : Dip and Flip comes to The Beer Boutique to present their amazing food with staff picked beer. 

Date: TBD (late November) 


As always,

Peace and Yeast 

Written by The Beer Boutique — November 02, 2015

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