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 This past Thursday the 24th The Beer Boutique hosted Brew Fondue – described as a night of tasting cheese and fondue but ultimately turned into so much more. In order to give this event enough credit we need to break it down into two parts: the brew and the fondue.

The Brew:

For this event we paired up with the Orbit Brewery – cheese and beer? Of course we needed an English brewery.

We were fortunate enough to have founder Robert Middleton come down to talk us through the beers. The 24ish guests were given four tastings over the course of the night which Robert would explain the history, tastes, and fun fact: musical inspiration behind the name. The atmosphere was open to questions and feedback which our guests eagerly took part in.

  1. Nico: Orbit’s take on the traditional Kölschbeers of Cologne. Pale golden with a grassy, herbal and spicy aroma. It is light, crisp, and very drinkable at 4.7%, a nice easy compliment with heavy fondue.
  2. Ivo: A surprising match to a few because this beer can clearly stand-alone. Aromatic Pale Ale with citrus flavours, and a sweet bitterness.
  3. Neu: This beer was definitely a crowd favorite A Düsseldorf style Altbier. Malty, nutty, and toasty this 4.7% was perhaps the perfect match for the cheese as it could hold its own against a variety of flavours as well as complimenting both sharp cheese and spicy meat.
  4. Seven: Finally towards the end of the night – the room is getting louder, and everyone has made new best friends – this whopper at 7% has complex chocolate, cherry, and spice notes that was exceptionally easy to enjoy and the perfect cap to the end of the night.

As for the musical references we aren’t giving those away too easily you’ll have to figure those out yourself or head on over to Orbit Brewery (located at Railway Arches SE17 3HD)


The Fondue:

Included in the ticket price was an individual plate of beer sticks, breadsticks, and veg along with extra bread and nuts on the tables. The Fondue was laid out in three pots each made with a different variety of Orbit beer that was unknown to the diners; Nico, Neu, and Seven.

Although there was a definite disagreement of which fondue was the best, the demolished pots gave the hint that all were palatable if not delicious. (The cheese may have contributed to some merriment, itself being quite boozy)


Overall we would like to say a huge thank you to Robert and Orbit Beers, to all The Beer Boutique employees who contributed their energy to make the event a success, and to our fantastic attendees! Without you there is no event.


That being said our next event is already up and running

Thursday October 29th 7:30pm


We are teaming up with Kew Brewery and The Charcuterie Board to bring you a tasting match! We have already had our previous attendees asking for tickets so get them while you can!!!


Peace and Yeast,

The Beer Boutique


Written by The Beer Boutique — September 27, 2015

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