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For those of you looking for something new to take home this week as a tasty treat, we've got a brand new collection in store for you.


Siren brewery has been knocking around for about a year now, and in that time has had to change location three times so far due to their ever expanding range of delectable delights; although mostly because of their love of barrel ageing. And boy, when they barrel age they really go for it – the Broken Dream Grand Cru is aged in no less than four different bourbon barrels. Excessive, we hear you say? In our opinion, never! Brewed with sour cherries, the Black Forest Gateaux flavours give an eighties throwback feeling without the awful hair or leotards, which can only be a bonus as far as we can see.


With some terrific storytelling – according to Siren, these wily beers have many tales of temptation, and are 'here to tease, sway and persuade' - these guys have cemented an bold reputation already. We love a good tale here at TBB, which is why reading their blog sipping a smoky stout is a perfect afternoon for us. And fantasising about the IPA pancake recipe, which has to be our new favourite use for beer; forget Welsh Rarebit, if we can eat beery pancakes for breakfast, life is complete!


To give you a quick run down and make sure your mouth is well and truly watering, check out our tasting notes below.


The Broken Dream Jack Daniels has a whiskey tang to it which is perfectly complimented by the sweet coffee flavours, and makes it an easy sipper. Not to be left out, the Grand Cru has balanced cherry and fruit flavours, adding another dimension to the classic Broken Dream.


Caribbean Chocolate Cake – a collaboration brew with Wayne Wambles of Cigar City Brewing, this tropical stout is plenty chocolatey. A jet black, milky stout brewed with cacao nibs, there is a rich chocolate taste to this beaut paired with a understated woodiness.


Sound Wave – if you're a fan of your dry IPAs, then this baby is for you. With a grapefruit and hoppy nose, another relatively low abv beer for the flavour that is packed into it. We can't help giggling at the name of their German take on this core beer; Das Sound Wave has had it's macho American hops replaced by their German cousins, which doesn't make it any less friendly.


Undercurrent – we love it when a brewery does something a bit different, and this oatmeal IPA certainly does. Pouring a warm golden amber with a grassy and pine nose, this will be our beer of choice to quench that thirst on the next summer's day we have!


White Tips – any beer brewed with wheat seem to be the Marmite of the beer world, and they indeed have us split here at TBB. This aromatic offering has spiciness and citrus in equal measures, and has a lot going on in the flavour – from the orange peel and pine through to a slightly hoppy, bitter finish.

Written by The Beer Boutique — May 23, 2014

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