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Tradition is all well and good but when it comes to food and drink pushing the boundaries is always better. Here are a few suggestions from The Beer Boutique to take your Easter weekend to the next level.


Easter Basket

Easter baskets come in many varieties from decadent to … well … bad, and frankly who eventually doesn’t get sick of cheap egg shaped chocolate. Or perhaps you’ve become a vegan this year and can’t stomach a whole 75% chocolate egg.

Ever consider a beer basket or a beer hunt? Here are a few suggestions to give a unique Easter morning to a loved one, family member, or even yourself.


 From left to right: Schlenkerla Fastenbier,  Founder's Breakfast Stout, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, De Struise Tsjeeses, Sam Smith's Chocolate Stout 
From a smokey beer to end the fast, to thick chocolate stouts these basket beers are guaranteed to start Easter of right, and we even through in a little Tsjeesses.


Easter Lunch

Usually we think of having wine with this Sunday meal however, more and more people are getting turned on to the idea of beer matches and many restaurants will now offer beer tasting menus with their meals as well as wine. Here are our beer suggestions to go with your traditional Easter meal which may look something similar to the one below.


Easter Beer Menu


Starting small a common choice is deviled eggs or smoked salmon blintzes

Beer Match: Brooklyn 1/2 Ale

This light beer with a low ABV is a lovely way to start your lunch. With soft sweet and citrus notes treat this like a champagne. 

First Course

Spring Salad (perhaps artichoke and fennel, or heritage carrots and pea shoots)

Beer Match: Popperings Hommel Bier

A light Belgian flavor with grassy floral notes to perfectly compliment a spring salad. We currently sell this in 750ml bottles so it's perfect for the dinner table.

Main Course

Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce and roast potatoes

Beer Match: Crooked Stave - Wild Sage

In lieu of a minty beer this is one of our favorite bretty delights. The aroma and taste of lemongrass and sage will complement the dinner whilst the crisp carbonation will cleanse your palate after the fattiness of lamb. 


Simnel Cake or Carrot Cake

Beer Match: Gulden Draak

A dark triple, this Belgian wonder is surprisingly easy drinking. With notes of raisins and figs this beer will satisfy your sweet tooth without outshining your dessert.

Bonus Beer

Founder's Dark Penance to cap your night and consider your sins after drinking so much beer on this religious holiday. With heavy malt and heavy hops this beer will get you contemplating and philosophizing whilst bringing you into a soft drunken stupor to go with your food coma. 


Peace and Yeast,

The Beer Boutique

Written by The Beer Boutique — March 25, 2016

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