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"I'm not vegan at all but I would eat that." - a carnivorous attendee
"This tastes like chicken!" - another carnivorous attendee.  
"Weird Beard is always my go to" - vegan guest.
"Nom nom nom can't talk eating and drinking" - TBB. 


February 23rd saw Weird Beard Brewery and The Beer Boutique team up to provide a vegan beer and food tasting. 

Our goals were simple; to educate guests on the immense availability of vegan beers, to share recipes and ideas about our favorite vegan food, and to indulge our taste-buds in some of our favorite and best selling beer. 

Wait, beer isn't vegan? 

Traditionally finings called isinglass -which come from the swim bladders of sturgeon - are put into bottles and casks in order to clarify beer. Fortunately however their usage remains within cask beer and bottle conditioned ales most of which are English Real Ales and Bitters. So, if you're drinking IPA, Belgian Beer, or Craft Beer in general there is no need to worry as most all are vegan. 

Vegans can't eat anything!!!

Wrong! Vegan food is plentiful, delicious, and cheap. If you're thinking of trying out veganism forget salads and carrots as they will leave you feeling hungry. Instead fill your belly with potato curry, sushi, burritos, spaghetti bolognese, kebabs, lentil soups, and so much more with a salad on the side. Doesn't sound to hard now does it? Oh and you can still eat Oreos and chocolate frosting mmm. 

Onto the beer!

Weird Beard Brewery has been a customer and employee favorite for years now at The Beer Boutique and although they may not make much noise about it but a lot of our beers are Vegan-friendly. Together we selected their finest vegan beers and came up with some fierce food-matches. Below you will see a tasting menu of how the night went down. We have also included recipes of our dishes and some resources to get you started on your own vegan cooking at the end of the blog. 


To say this was a guilt free event would be a lie, as the days of the prototypical emaciated vegan are long gone - and we welcome the rise of the sleazy vegan, the sporty vegan, the greasy vegan, the gluttonous vegan, the sneezy vegan, and the intoxicated vegan.

Thank you Weird Beard, our guests, and everyone who attended. 

Peace and Yeast,

The Beer Boutique. 



Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels 

Alfie's Roasted Beetroot Salad 

Peanut Satay 

Out of Office Brownies 

Out of Office Truffles 


Basic info, nutrition and more

Check if your drink is vegan 

Great recipes 

How to eat lots cheaply plus many other great videos

More Food!

and of course our own vegan beer elf is happy to help T: @cberghall 


Written by The Beer Boutique — March 05, 2016

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